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How are the English words from the test picked?

We have decided to use 1,500 most common words from the English language. You can type in your own English words or English article if you want. We have put these options in Custom English Text for you. You can think of it as a touch of email flavour to make the typing English test a bit more interesting. The English typing speed test focuses on typing itself, thus words appear randomly. Reading full sentences may influence your English typing speed.

How many English words can you type per minute?

The average person types between 38 and 40 English words per minute (WPM), what English translates into between 190 and 200 characters per minute (CPM). However, professional typists type a lot faster — on average between 65 and 75 WPM English word.

Why English typing speed matters?

The faster you can English type, the faster you will be able to communicate with others on English language. You will be able to save a ton of time on any kind of work that requires English typing. At first, it will be a couple of extra minutes that you won’t really notice. Over time, the minutes will change to the hours you can only do in other own activities.

What is the average English typing speed?

An average professional English typist types usually in speed of 65 to 75 WPM on English language. More advanced positions require 80 to 95 English word for English language. There are also some advanced English typists work that requires speeds above 120 WPM English language.

Unicode Special Character - any time any where

☺ = Alt + 1
☻ = Alt + 2
♥ = Alt + 3
♦ = Alt + 4
♣ = Alt + 5
♠ = Alt + 6
• = Alt + 7
◘ = Alt + 8
○ = Alt + 9
◙ = Alt + 10
♂ = Alt + 11
♀ = Alt + 12
♪ = Alt + 13
♫ = Alt + 14
☼ = Alt + 15
► = Alt + 16
◄ = Alt + 17
↕ = Alt + 18
‼ = Alt + 19
¶ = Alt + 20
§ = Alt + 21
▬ = Alt + 22
↨ = Alt + 23
↑ = Alt + 24
↓ = Alt + 25
→ = Alt + 26
← = Alt + 27
∟ = Alt + 28
↔ = Alt + 29
▲ = Alt + 30
▼ = Alt + 31
⌂ = Alt + 127
¢ = Alt + 155
£ = Alt + 156
¥ = Alt + 157
₧ = Alt + 158
ƒ = Alt + 159
¿ = Alt + 168
⌐ = Alt + 169
¬ = Alt + 170
½ = Alt + 171
¼ = Alt + 172
¡ = Alt + 173
« = Alt + 174
» = Alt + 175
α = Alt + 224
ß = Alt + 225
Γ = Alt + 226
π = Alt + 227
Σ = Alt + 228
σ = Alt + 229
µ = Alt + 230
τ = Alt + 231
Φ = Alt + 232
Θ = Alt + 233
Ω = Alt + 234
δ = Alt + 235
∞ = Alt + 236
φ = Alt + 237
ε = Alt + 238
∩ = Alt + 239
≡ = Alt + 240
± = Alt + 241
≥ = Alt + 242
≤ = Alt + 243
⌠ = Alt + 244
⌡ = Alt + 245
÷ = Alt + 246
≈ = Alt + 247
° = Alt + 248
∙ = Alt + 249
· = Alt + 250
√ = Alt + 251
ⁿ = Alt + 252
² = Alt + 253

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